brutal collection
  brutal cd rack

(brutal) CD rack
22L 12w 72h

holds 360 CDs
concrete, steel & wood

(brutal) dining table
72L 32w 29.5h

concrete, steel & .75 glass

(brutal) coffee table
45L 22w 17h

concrete, steel & .75 glass

(brutal) console
72L 14w 28h

concrete, steel & .75 glass



The (brutal) collection includes a coffee table, CD rack, console table and dining table. “Brutal” is a style of architecture in which full structures are cast in concrete and left with the natural finish, incorporating the form into which was poured.

The collection was inspired by Fanner Hall on the campus of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, as well as the unfinished (at the time) parking structure of the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago. I was intrigued by the simplicity of concrete construction, and the use of materials in their natural state.

brutal cd rack detail
brutal console table    
  brutal coffee table