ova chair
  (ova) chair
21L 17.25w 34.5h

baltic birch plywood

The (ova) chair is a product of simplicity, technology, efficiency, and sustainability. The chair is made of 44 separate flat parts, cut from one sheet of stock, that when stacked horizontally, make the form of an architecturally organic structure.

The simplicity is in the form and design. The technology is in the process of fabricating the separate 44 pieces on a CNC (computer numerically controlled) router. The efficiency and sustainability stem from the technology of the CNC machining which allows the cutting process to be done in a fraction of the time it would take to do with conventional routers. This also makes more efficient use of the material, by creating less waste and better usage of the sheet goods.

The efficient use of the sheet goods, as well as the consideration of consumed energy to manufacture the parts, touches on the chair’s sustainable qualities. The inspiration for the (ova) chair was to create an affordable chair that embraced technology, and the ever-present global need for sustainable design & products.