(yhf) dining chair

(yhf) dining chair
22L 15.5w 28h

baltic birch plywood & walnut veneer


The (yhf) dining chair is a design based on simplicity, sustainability and economy. The inspiration for the dining chair originated from a collaboration project with Jeff Tweedy from the band, Wilco. Several months ago, Jeff and I met to design a chair for the annual Celebrity Chair Auction and we discovered that we both had an affinity for pared down, practical, yet sensual shapes and materials. Our discussions of music and design generated the idea for the minimalist curves and clean lines of the YHF collection.


Sustainable design was another important influence in the YHF collection. After initially exploring sustainability concepts with the (ova) collection, I wanted to delve further into the process of utilizing efficient technology to create useful furniture pieces. The YHF dining chair represents the next step in that process, again using efficient and scrap-minimizing CNC machining, as well as green materials (Baltic Birch, water-based finish) to create functional, beautiful and lasting furniture.

(dining chair) 22 parts cut from 1.5 sheets of stock